What Food and Snacks to Pack for a Road Trip: A Smart Road Trip Meals Guide

Foods To Carry On a Road Trip; What To Pack For a Road Trip

What food and snacks should you pack for a road trip? It is understandably a little tricky to come up with a complete list of suggestions for the best foods and snacks to pack while on the go – and, as such, we have summarized some key ideas for the best road trip meals and treats to pack.

Of course, it may not be possible to satisfy everyone with every meal. Still, you can ensure that you’ve got a selection of foods, snacks, and meal ideas to give all parties in your road trip something to look forwards to.


Working out which foods to pack for healthy road trip meals shouldn’t be a major headache. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some key breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas to keep meals healthy, nutritious, and crucially easy to prepare while on a road trip! These should also work on most budgets, too, so you can keep everyone well fed on your road trip all the same.

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There are plenty of options for breakfast on a road trip. You’ll likely want to steer clear of milk-based cereals, as washing-up facilities may be limited. However, cereals that can be eaten dry could be a great choice of breakfast; or, if you do take milk, make sure it’s UHT and that you have washing facilities available. Alternatively, instant hot-water porridge pots or breakfast bars make excellent on-the-go breakfast food options for a healthy road trip meal. Just make sure you have a way to dispose of the packaging, or it could quickly build up.

Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Lunch and dinner ideas on most road trips will revolve around sandwiches, wraps, and cold pasta pots. These can easily be prepared in advance or even on the go. What’s more, using canned ingredients, such as canned sausages or vegetables, can stretch out your rations and ensure you can make tasty, cheap, and nutritious meals without needing the fancy facilities of your home kitchen.

If you need to refrigerate any of the ingredients, we recommend that you invest in a chiller box to keep food fresh for longer. Our top recommendation? PB&J sandwiches are an excellent option in this regard that the whole family (or group) will love and doesn’t need extensive planning to make.  Plus, they’re super filling, so they might be a definite option to consider.

Don’t Forget – You Can Stop on the Way

A key benefit of a road trip is that you can stop on the way if you ever need to restock. So, if you’ve run out of a certain ingredient, or you forgot to write something on your food for road trip shopping list, there are likely to be destinations for most road trips to pick up new ingredients.

Alternatively, for a long road trip, stopping off at a restaurant or café on the road can be a great way to enjoy a quick and delicious meal with none of the hassles! Indeed, as explained by Hiking in my Flipflops, finding new local restaurants can be hugely exciting! Many restaurants even offer delivery services and contactless dining these days!

If this is something you think could be helpful, make sure you check in advance that your chosen restaurant, café, or shop will have stock available. The Fish app helps connect customers with local shops, so you can find the ingredients you need without spending hours shopping around. As such, if you have been looking for a local restaurant on your road trip, it might offer a quick solution. Go on – treat yourself to a delicious fresh-cooked meal.

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We’ve summarized some great healthy meal ideas for road trips – but what about snacks? Indeed, you’ll likely want to also take along a selection of snacks for your road trip, and there are plenty of good ideas to consider.

Some key snacks to add to your food shopping list before the next road trip could include:

  • Chocolates (in small portions). You can still achieve a healthy diet with a limited quantity of treats and snacks, after all. Plus, chocolates can help keep everyone motivated if the road trip ever begins to drag between destinations
  • Sliced veggies such as carrot sticks
  • Fruits that won’t turn in the heat of the car
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Crisps
  • Dried jerky
  • Trail mix
  • Popcorn (preferably plain varieties if you’re looking for a healthier snack)
  • Homemade cakes and cookies to keep things interesting

These are just a few ideas for snacks to pack for road trips, but you’re really only limited to your own imagination. If you have any favorite, easy-to-pack snacks, they could be worth bringing along too. It’s your road trip, after all. Plus, as explained by Work Week Lunch, every road trip is different; you may need different foods based on the type of road trip in question.

If you have been looking for inspiration on the best food and snacks to pack for a road trip, we hope our guide today will have helped. Whether you’re looking for food ideas for a weekend getaway or options to pack for vacation rentals and more, there are plenty of options. Hopefully, you’ll have found some great ideas today with help from our guide – and remember, healthy meals for road trips don’t need to be hard to pull off, and finding a good balance between snacks and healthy food is possible with a little thought.

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