5 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales and Footfall To Boost Your Business

Increase Restaurant Sales

Have you been wondering about different ways to boost your restaurant business? This is a common concern for many restaurants, and increasing footfall can often be the difference between making or breaking the business’s revenue. Luckily, there are plenty of easy methods for how to increase restaurant sales without advertising – and we’ll look at just a few of these today to help you find the best solutions for your own restaurant business!

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There are many ways to increase restaurant sales, but not all of these will fit every business’s needs. With this in mind, we’ve summarised some key methods to boost your business as follows. These may help increase your restaurant’s revenue overall.

1. Focus on Word of Mouth

If you’re looking to increase restaurant sales without advertising, one of the best first steps is to encourage word of mouth. If your customers are loyal, word of mouth can draw a substantial amount of footfall through your restaurant. After all, customers often value recommendations from friends and family members more highly than advertising campaigns, anyway. With this in mind, a quick question at the end of the meal will go a long way: would you recommend us?

Plus, this also offers a valuable learning opportunity. If customers are unlikely to recommend your brand to their friends, don’t be shy – ask! Asking why customers wouldn’t recommend your restaurant can help you make some changes to combat this and offer the best experience possible.

2. Focus on Table Turnover Rate

There’s nothing wrong with customers who want to spend hours at your restaurant relaxing. That is why you have tables available. However, if your restaurant wants to increase footfall reliability but often has peaks and troughs in demand, you may want to focus on improving table turnover rate during busy times.

If you’re consistently busy, this won’t matter. But, if you have a short period – may be an hour – where all tables are booked and guests are waiting, you’ll likely lose customers. Customers don’t want to wait around for their food; they’re hungry! So, make sure you don’t need to turn any customers away and focus on table turnover.

Of course, you should never try to rush your customers. However, making sure food is served quickly without errors helps avoid delays, which in turn helps ensure your customers aren’t hanging around just because they’re still waiting!

3. Offers go a Long Way

Everyone loves an offer – and these can be especially good ways to draw more footfall into your restaurant. This could be a discounted meal, or it could be a discount applied across the board to all menu items. The choice is yours, as they say. The main point here is that you should ensure your customers get the chance to make the most of the offer – which can draw them in and definitely increase footfall. You might lose a little revenue on the offer, but you’ll usually make it up in additional sales overall.

4. Host Events

It won’t necessarily translate to a long-term boost in footfall, but hosting events with your restaurant can be a good way to get a quick boost to your restaurant business’s revenue if you need it. This can also help more people become aware of your restaurant, particularly if you are new with a limited reputation; therefore, it could be a good choice for your business to consider.

5. Make the Most of Online Ordering and Take Outs

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we eat out. With this in mind, if your business can implement online ordering systems, you can definitely speed up footfall through the business, allowing you to make the most of your facilities. Moreover, online ordering systems can even allow your business to potentially offer a take-away service. This can further promote revenue growth for your firm.

Tools such as the Fish App are particularly effective in this regard. Customers can directly contact your business and place orders, improving efficiency overall within your firm. The Fish platform is highly versatile and can be used for restaurants of any type. So, why not give it a try for your firm?


When it comes to ways to boost your restaurant business, if you’re looking to grow the brand, you should do more than just look at sales and revenue. Indeed, another highly effective method for boosting your website’s profit margins would be to cut costs where you can.

If applicable to your business, buying ingredients in greater quantities could be a good way to go about this. Of course, this is provided the ingredients remain fresh and don’t spoil. Another one – investing in staff training may be a cost. Still, it will pay dividends by making each staff member more efficient at their job, leading to reduced staffing costs.

Cutting costs within your business will absolutely help increase your final profit margins. Alternatively, if you can pass these savings onto your customer and offer better value-for-money meals, you may see an increase in footfall to your restaurant through word of mouth and more regularly returning customers.

A growing number of restaurant businesses are struggling these days. Nevertheless, there’s still a huge amount of opportunity in the restaurant field if you get it right. As such, we hope our guide today will have given you some ideas about ways to increase restaurant sales and revenue. In turn, that may help you grow your restaurant business, as it deserves!

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