Twenties. Can it get any harder?

Young professionals focus on their new job, city and relationships while relying on Fish to take everyday shopping off their plates

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“Sure, John. I’ll send over the slide deck in 5.”

“Babe, I’ll have to take a rain check on tonight’s plans. Got to wrap up this presentation by tomorrow.”

“Recommend any nice places to order takeout around here?”

After a quick chat with his friend, Adam downloads the Fish app on his phone to order takeout. Adam moved to the Bay Area on a new job and his friend of 12 years recommended him to use Fish for his everyday needs.

After wrapping up work for the day, Adam returns home to an empty fridge and remembers that he needs to save up money to buy a new car. Instead of ordering delivery, he Fishes for groceries from a store near him and feels happy seeing the bill amount. “Hey, I just saved $10 on groceries today… No no, it wasn’t a coupon. You should try Fish. The store associates chat with you if you have questions,” Adam says to his girlfriend.

Just like that Adam was hooked to Fish. He starts to save both time and money by using Fish for ordering takeouts and picking up groceries and everyday essentials.

“I am able to focus all of my energy at work now and not stressing over the little stuff, like making breakfast in the morning or wasting time coordinating order delivery time with my evening rituals. I simply place an order on Fish with more than one store at once and pick up stuff from all the stores in one go”.

“This is a game-changer app – especially for someone on a budget. I’m saving money by ordering takeout from a restaurant near my home that had no online presence until Fish. The staff at the restaurant now knows me by name and my order. He throws in an extra side or two every time I order now and sends me a *wink*, haha.”

“The only complaint I have for Fish is that it could have been released sooner and in my hometown so my previous life would have been manageable. Also, it should onboard hair salons soon. The hair salon I go to could use some help, haha!”

Adam became a power user of Fish and recommended it to his colleagues and friends who enjoy that Fish helps them wherever they are, whenever they need.

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Place a pickup order with your local store through Fish’s Chat-based ordering platform. Because it is just that easy to chat with a business now.

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