4 Uber-Cool Easy Summer Dinner Ideas For Hot Days

Easy Summer Dinner Recipe Ideas

Have you been looking for delicious, light summer dinner ideas to satisfy the whole family? It can be a little hard to work out what to serve up for dinner during the hot summer months, with the heat making it difficult to eat a nutritious and filling hot meal – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of excellent options still! As such, today, we’ve come up with some key easy (in fact, they’re pretty lazy!) summer dinner ideas and meals for large groups and families will keep everyone happy – no matter what their dietary preferences might be.


Coming up with meals to serve in the summer months can often seem difficult. Indeed, the overwhelming heat, coupled with the humid air and the general disgruntled nature of the dinner guests, will often make summer dining a more challenging affair. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be that hard with a little consideration given to the best, easy summer dinner ideas.

We’ve come up with a few light, grilling summer meals and ideas that you could serve up for dinner today to help keep everyone happy and well-fed this summer.

Tips for Cooking in Summer You Should Know

Cooking in the hot summer months can seem like even more of a chore than usual. However, with this in mind, the following tips for cooking in summer may help you serve up delicious and nutritious meals without having to sacrifice your own comfort to do so!

  1. Try to keep your home and kitchen cool wherever possible, so everyone is comfortable when it comes to dinner time! After all – there’s nothing worse than trying to eat filling and hearty summer dinner ideas on boiling hot days in an equally hot room!
  2. Where possible, opt for dishes that don’t require extensive heating, such as salads, wraps, fried dishes, and the like. These will create less heat and so are much easier to cook. They also tend to be served cool or just warm, which makes enjoying them much easier!
  3. To ensure everything is washed down easily, always provide ice-cold refreshments at dinner time to help everyone stay cool while enjoying their favorite dishes. This simple tip might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget about until you’ve sat down to tuck in. Chilled water with ice cubes is a great way to keep things cool, too.


#1 Summer Corn Rice

Buttery, effortlessly simple, and sure to go down a treat on a hot summer day, this simple summer corn rice recipe could be just what you need for a delicious meal!

Perhaps the trickiest ingredient in this recipe to find could be the dried Kombu; as such, if you’re not sure where to start your search, why not give the Fish app a try? With Fish, you can directly reach out to local shops and businesses to see if they stock this harder-to-find veggie. So, take the hassle out of summer cooking; order your next shopping list to go, and see how Fish might make your life a little bit easier.

#2 Epic Summer Salad

Few meals are more quintessentially summery than a salad – but salads can easily be dull and uninspiring. Fortunately, though, that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, this “Epic Summer Salad” recipe, as recommended by BBC Good Food, was made to combat that challenge entirely.

Indeed, combining fresh veggies such as baby spinach, heritage tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, avocados, and red onion with a little sweetness from mango and lime, flavor from herbs and spices, and texture from rich black beans, there’s a little bit of everything in every mouthful. Plus, the salad is also perfect to serve up alongside a little lamb, if you’d like, to add a bit more protein into the mix. Just make sure you’ve always stored your fruit and veg carefully to ensure they stay deliciously fresh right up until serving to get the best results!

Coming up with easy summer dinner ideas for hot days doesn't need to be hard. Salads are the obvious choice of light summer meals, but other summer dinner recipes could including grilling chicken breasts with tadka sauce for dinner, freshly cooked burgers, or a delicious Summer corn rice recipe.

#3 Burgers

Burgers – they’re good all year round, but they’re also an incredible summer staple! Indeed, while burgers might not be an overly light summer meal idea (they’re quite filling, actually), they’re not too hot by the time they’re served. Plus, the buns take out a lot of the hassle of eating with a knife and fork. So, if everyone’s feeling a little irritable from the summer heat, the hassle-free nature of the humble burger might just make them excellent go-to meal or dinner ideas for hot days.

Of course, there’s the standard burger recipe with a rich and hearty blend of beef mince, egg, and onion. It’s an instant favorite that’s sure to tickle the tastebuds of any meat lover – and, as an added bonus, you can also opt for 5% fat mince if you’re trying to follow a lower-fat diet.

Alternatively, if you’re catering for a vegetarian crowd this summer, why not give this seared, grilling squash and halloumi burger a try – surely one of the best veggie ideas for dinner this summer, aside from a simple salad.

#4 Grilled Chicken Breasts with Tadka Sauce (Excellent Grilling Ideas for Dinner in Summer!)

Grilling ideas are firm favorites for dinner during the summer months, and this grilled chicken breast recipe with tadka sauce could be just what you need. It’s light and offers plenty of protein and fiber, so you can keep everyone full up and satisfied, even if portions for summer meals tend to be smaller. Plus, the Tadka-esque sauce adds a little extra moisture, so you won’t have to worry about dry throats and demands for more ice-cold water.

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