The Most Delicious Shrimp Dinner Ideas You Have to Try

Easy Shrimp dinner Ideas

Love shrimp? If so, then you certainly wouldn’t be alone; in fact, we eat around 4 pounds of shrimp on average each year. Of course, this delicious, succulent little fish is such a highly versatile ingredient, too. However, coming up with shrimp dinner ideas can often be a challenge in and of itself – and finding easy, quick, and hassle-free dishes with shrimp is often even tougher. With this in mind, today, we’ve outlined some of our top picks for the most delicious shrimp dinner ideas you absolutely have to try – we’re confident you’ll love them just as much as we do. From chicken and shrimp risotto through to our favorite fried shrimp stir fry and even grilled garlic shrimp recipes, these quick and easy dinner ideas are sure to become one of your new favorites.

Enjoy a delicious chicken and shrimp risotto, one of the most loved shrimp dinner ideas - or, why not try our suggestions for grilled garlic shrimp or fried shrimp stir fry?


Shrimp – it’s such a delicious and versatile ingredient. What’s more, it is often considered incredibly healthy thanks to its abundance of vitamins and nutrients. However, coming up with easy shrimp dinner ideas can often seem like a struggle; luckily, though, we’ve summarized some of our favorite recipe ideas to help you enjoy a healthy and filling meal tonight.

#1 Chicken and Shrimp Risotto

Of course, everyone loves a chicken dinner (or perhaps a chicken alternative, if you don’t eat meat) – and this is one of the best, easy dishes with shrimp that will definitely keep everyone coming back for more. After all, eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. And as such, we’re confident that this chicken and shrimp risotto recipe could become one of your new staples. While it’s a little more time-consuming than some of the other recipes on this list and requires a few more specific ingredients that you probably won’t have in your cupboard as standard, it’s well worth a trip to the shops. After all, the final risotto is simply delicious. Plus, with onion, mushrooms, and ripe tomatoes, it offers plenty of vitamins and minerals as well.

The recipe recommends arborio rice specifically; however, if you’re unable to get hold of this, any risotto-friendly rice should do. However, you’ll definitely want to opt for the biggest jumbo shrimps you can find in the shops to ensure you don’t lose them in the wild flavor combinations offered by many of the other ingredients!

#2 Honey and Garlic Shrimp

Rich and succulent, this recipe may not be quite as healthy as our chicken and shrimp risotto dinner. Still, it’s nevertheless a crowd-pleaser that everyone’s sure to love. The richness of the shrimp, blended with a little touch of garlic and the sweetness of fresh, probiotic-rich raw honey is sure to win even the fussiest eater around. What’s more, it’s exceptionally quick and takes very little effort; within twenty minutes, you can treat yourself to a gourmet meal without the expense or hassle.

While regular honey is also suitable for this recipe, we highly recommend raw honey to get the most of the probiotic and prebiotic content on offer. With this in mind, however, raw honey can be a little trickier to find on supermarket shelves; in this case, why not give the Fish app a try? Fish allows you to reach out to local stores to check stock levels and place an order for collection. So, take the pain out of cooking fresh, delicious dishes today!

#3 Our Favorite Grilled Garlic Shrimp Dinner Ideas

The tanginess of shrimp blends perfectly with the richness of garlic in this irresistible grilled garlic shrimp recipe, and it’s a top choice of dinner ideas as a result. What’s more, not only is the shrimp marinated in garlic, to begin with. Plus, it’s also served up with fresh homemade garlic butter – giving, even more, to love about this almost criminally simple recipe.

#4 Fried Shrimp Stir Fry – Excellent Dinner Ideas in a Rush.

On the go and don’t have time to spend a long time in the kitchen? No worries. Our fried shrimp stir fry recipe might just be one of your top choices for go-to dinner ideas. Indeed, combining several delicious ingredients for a colorful, flavorsome stir fry, including shrimp, broccoli, sugar snap peas, garlic, and a few extras for flavoring, this stir fry takes just half an hour to cook, serves four, and only leaves a few minutes of washing up afterward as well.

#5 Bacon Shrimp and Cheddar Grits

Rich, cheesy, and finished with a little bacon, this irresistible shrimp dish is one that’s sure to please. Plus, it doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Indeed, this recipe mostly relies on ingredients you’ll already have in your cupboard or refrigerator already, with perhaps the exception of corn grits; best of all, it’s probably one of the richest and easiest dishes to serve up and looks absolutely mouthwatering. Just be quick while enjoying this dish; there’s no guarantee your family won’t try to steal an extra serving from your plate!

#6 Shrimp and Fettuccine Alfredo

Love shrimp? Love cheese? And love hassle-free cooking? If so, then this is one of the easiest dishes with shrimp that you can enjoy for dinner in as little as 25 minutes. What’s more, our shrimp and fettuccine alfredo recipe is so easy to make. And, with ingredients including fettuccine, butter, shrimp, kosher salt, garlic, heavy cream, whole milk, egg yolk, parmesan, flour, black pepper, and chopped parsley, it’s easy to see why it’s so rich and irresistible when it comes to serving up!

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