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Sandwich Recipes

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S.A.N.D.W.I.C.H.E.S – TRUE LOVE! Can you recall going shopping on the streets of India, stopping on the way and nagging your mom to buy you what they call “Bombay Sandwiches”? …or those yummy grilled-cheese Sandwiches? Why don’t you just wander in the streets the next time you crave a sandwich – most chaat Bhandars, tea stalls and tiffen centers have a variety of Bombay Street food recipes on their menu – Sandwiches are among the highlights of the list.

You’d rather try them at home, throwing some of your love along with hygiene of home cooking ? – thought so. Check out how you can slay some of the best Sandwich recipes within a few minutes of prep! 😉

I can confidently say anybody can make a Sandwich. All it needs are a few basic ingredients and if you have basic creativity, you can make one out of the remaining veggies left in your refrigerator. That’s right – I usually make my sandwiches just before I’m running out of groceries- and that’s when I’m at the peak of my creativity (as are most home-makers!). That said – we can all make sandwiches – but how do you know you’re doing this right? Can you make it better than you’re doing it right now?
Check out the basic rules of Sandwich making in “My Improv & Notes” section.

PS: Serve hot with green chutney and tomato ketchup!

My Top Recipe Recommendations

  1. Bombay SandwichThe evergreen bombay sandwich recipe tastes best when kept simple. As much as possible, do not over-complicate this recipe with creative add-ons.
  2. Cream Cheese Sandwiches – Kids lunchbox recipe. Simply made out of Cream Cheese, bell pepper (can also use capsicum- green), and cucumber, mildly spiced with ginger paste, pepper, salt, green chilies and coriander
  3. Bombay Masala Toast – with Spicy Aaloo Masala – Iconic recipe from the city of Mumbai- prepared using – potato sabzi, tomatoes, chaat masala, onion slices, capsicum, beetroot, cheese slice sandwiched between toasted bread slices
  4. Yogurt Veg Sandwich/ Dahi Sandwich – Easy to prepare creative sandwich recipe prepared with stuffing of hung curd, veggies and spices
  5. Sandwich Rollups/ PinwheelsPerfect Summer recipe. Pack your picnic bag with Sandwich roll-ups! Different roll-up recipes are included within!
  6. Omelette Sandwich/ Bread Omelette Sandwich– Healthy, easy to cook Omelette Sandwiches are best had hot. Don’t overload this omelette with too many ingredients
  7. Paneer Sandwich – As you guessed right- loaded with protein rich Paneer and spices + Veggie – masala mix! If you have decided to make a sandwich in the last minute, pick this one
  8. Cheese Sandwich/Mixed Veg Cheese Sandwich – One of my most favorite recipes there is! Buy yourself some cheese slices. This recipe is going to do justice to your appetite!
  9. Veg Mayo SandwichFreshly chopped/shredded veggies mixed with herbs and Mayo. Yumm!
  10. Cheesy Spinach and Corn Sandwich – Sweet corn has long been a beloved ingredient in Cheese based grilled Sandwiches. This combination of Spinach and Corn is a super hit – try it out!
  11. Chili Cheese Sandwichcheese and green bell peppers stuffed in sandwich which is later grilled till crisp and served with extra cheese toppings. Spicy and ever delicious recipe that’s a must try!
  12. Veg Club Sandwich – Who wouldn’t like vegetables loaded in a bulked up hunka-sandwich? Try this!
  13. Vegetable Rainbow Sandwich – Would you like to tempt your kids with a filling and healthy meal?
  14. Vegetable Noodle Grilled Sandwich – It’s okay to indulge in indo-chinese junk- recipes once in a while. This one is packed with colorful veggies and cooked Hakka Noodles, flavored with soy sauce and pav bhaji masala
  15. Sprouts Sandwich – Healthy green sprouts sandwich recipe for those trying to keep fit! Check out this recipe too if you like!
  16. Guacamole Sandwich/Avocado Sandwich – I could go on and on about benefits of eating an Avocado every day – but let me stop with telling you this super fruit has everything it takes to keep your body, fit, healthy, toxin free and happy. Mix up the avocado to make yourself delicious Guacamole and stuff it into your Sandwiches.
  17. Chole/Chana/Chickpea Sandwiches – You can make this Sandwich using cooked Chana, fresh veggies and spice powders or you can use the Chana Masala that you have left over from yesterday!
  18. Chocolate Sandwich Nomnomnom! You sweet tooth, shop yourself the essentials to tease yourself with some sugary goodness!

My Improv & Notes

Sandwich Making Tips!

  • Did you pick your bread right? Bread forms the basis of the perfect sandwich. We all have our bread preference. Some of us like soft and squishy buns and some enjoy crusty baguette. But the thumb rule is to choose the right bread for the sandwich. For moist fillings, use dry and dense breads. A nice, thick crust helps in keeping the stuffing in place. Now… what are you going to make at home? … the basic white loaf or the snacky pita pockets? take your pick!
  • What are you trying to make? If you’re going for a classic cucumber, tomato sandwich, you wanna serve it cold and buy sweet white bread. For variant recipes, you can toast it, serve it grilled, warm up. Toasting the bread brings out its sweetness.
  • Toasting up your bread? then use a spread to give your sandwich a creamy texture. No – you don’t have to run to the store to buy Mayonnaise, Chipotle, Ranch or BBQ sauce, even creamy yogurt/hung curd will do, beat it up to get the creamy texture. You can also go for other healthy alternatives like pesto, whole grain mustard, or homemade salsa.
  • Applying sauce? Be careful to avoid sogginess! – Use hydrating ingredients like cucumber or tomatoes separately! – if you pack them for lunch tomorrow, it’s gonna turn all moist and soggy. Add them in the end, right before serving/eating. Here’s where cheese and butter come to the rescue! Cheese is used as a layer between bread and ingredients with high moisture. And butter not only adds creamy texture but protects the bread from turning soggy!
  • You want to go all creative and crunchy -Try skipping traditional tomatoes and try roasted peppers, sautéed onions or carrots for the crunch. Add some freshness by using spinach or cabbage instead of lettuce.
  • Little is more with Sandwiches too! Do not try to over-stuff your sandwich with too many ingredients or sauces. Are you trying basic cucumber-tomato sandwich? – Butter, Green Chutney, tomato ketchup will do for the sauces, Sprinkle pepper, Chaat Masala and salt on top of the veggies cucumber, tomato, boiled aaloo slices, and onions (cut in rings). Sprinkle herbs or seasonings to add the finishing touch. Try balancing your flavors. If the ingredients are heavy then use light sauces or maybe vinegar
  • Chips in between? When your sandwich is fresh and delicious, adding chips in between will crunch-up the mix. Try this when you’re making a sandwich out of fresh veggies, like Bombay Sandwich. Buy yourself a bag of chips when ready!

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