15 Mouthwatering Samosa Recipes Including Some Not-So-Familiars

Samosa Recipe

Best Occasion to Prepare this Recipe

Are you thinking of an excuse right now?… Weather? Friends visiting in? Festival? Pooja.. (Neha/Rita ;))? Tea time after Siesta? 😛 At Nalaa’s (or any other tea stall near your house)? Or just another boring Tuesday? or JUST craving junk? I just gave you some excuses.. now YOU think of some!

I was introduced to Samosa at Railway Station.. or was it at Nalaa’s? I can’t remember… But ever since it was a love at first bite!

For me.. and with me.. there’s no excuse needed with Samosa. Just say the word and it’s ready!

PS: Angry moms look away!

That said, I’ve been an ardent devotee of Aaloo Samosa forever. But thanks to new times, Samosa lovers and creative chefs, there have been a gazillion new types/recipes of this deliciously unhealthy monster! I’m going to do the honor of spoiling you with some of my tested gyan. 😀

Note: You’ll also need to have a few spices at hand, such as turmeric, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and garam masala (that’s just covering the basics!). Can you do without one or two of those? Sure, but if your aim to is get that authentic Indian flavour you’re better off taking a trip to the nearest spice shop. Go go you got this!

PS: Serve hot with green Chutney + Tamarind sauce or even tomato Ketchup will do!

My Top Samosa Recipe Recommendations

  1. Aaloo Samosa – Punjabi Style Aaloo Samosa with potatoes and peas filling. Traditional and homey!
  2. Irani Samosa – Felt like you stepped into Hyderabad, huh? This recipe is supposedly native to Hyderabad or atleast I can assure it tastes the best there! If you’re traveling in a train in India – wait for it to be served to you.
  3. Tandoori Paneer Samosa- The scrumptious and flavorful Tandoori Paneer Samosa is a treat for all paneer lovers out these. But this recipe is slightly different form the classic paneer stuffed samosa as far as the flavors are concerned. This one includes the aromatic tandoori spices and the filling has a hot and sour taste which goes well with the crispy and flaky pastry
  4. Noodles Samosa– This is vastly popular in Metropolitan cities of India – I’m sure you agree with me on this! The filling can be prepared using your favorite Noodle variety – Chowmein, Hakka Noodles, Schezwan Noodles or the famous Maggie!
  5. Gujrati SamosaThese Khatta-Meetha Chana Dal ke samose are vastly popular in India. Try it – and you cannot seem to wanna hit a stop button!
  6. Moong Dal Mini Samosas – These are had almost everyday as a late evening snack – doesn’t mean they’re made fresh- they have a pretty high shelf life. These delicious dry mini samosas are sold by Haldirams! 😉
  7. Mushroom Samosas For those who can’t resist mushrooms. Stuff them in and fry away!
  8. Mawa Kachori, Khoya Kachori, Sweet Samosas – Jodhpuri specialty Mawa Kachoris are rich in dry fruits and are easily available in a sweet store near you (if too lazy to prepare! :P)
  9. Jalapeno Three Cheese Samosas – Yummy molten cheesy samosa appeal to both Desi and exotic food lovers. This samosa is also quite easy to prepare and requires minimal ingredients. Want to save yourself from too much guilt?.. add in some Spinach 😛
  10. Cocktail Green Peas SamosaThis Bite sized appetizer is a life saver for parties or occasions!
  11. Mac & Cheese SamosaThose of you who love to indulge in Mac & Cheese over the weekend, why not try this for a change?
  12. Pinwheels Samosa – Those of you that live abroad, do you get this couriered when you miss home? Bakharwadis are good, these are better.
  13. Poha SamosaVery unheard of? Tastes delicious.
  14. Sweet Corn Samosa – Another amazing recipe from the streets of Hyderabad! The sweetness of the corn when combined with the strong flavored spices form a very tasteful dish
  15. Chocolate Samosa – Now..you don’t have to wait for Eid or Christmas to try this!

My Improv & Notes 

The How Tos of making it RIGHT

Make the filling the day before you intend to serve the samosas so making them will be a breeze. Ideally, you’d boil the potatoes ahead of time

  • Stuffing: This depends on your dish of preparation. Feel free to use whatever ingredients you have at hand, while aiming for a variety of textures and flavours; something soft, something crunchy, something sweet and something savoury
  • Spicing: Aiming for Aaloo Samosa? The sweet heat of ginger and chillies works well, as does the fresh aromatic flavour of the equally popular fresh coriander. Use mustard seeds, fenugreek, asafoetida, curry leaves, turmeric and a ground secret ingredient masala made using cinnamon, cloves, cumin and chilli, plus some sugar for its “distinctive scent and flavour”. A finishing squeeze of lemon juice rounds things off nicely
  • Folding: Roll a stack of pastry rounds together and then heat them to dry them out before use 
  • Cooking: Make sure the oil doesn’t get too hot. You need to keep the heat medium-low heat otherwise the pastry shell won’t cook through before the outside burns. If you prefer to bake samosas for a “lighter, less oily” result, try 200C/390F for about 15 minutes, until golden brown., But a baked samosa will never achieve the same puffy, flaky richness as the deep-fried variety

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