Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond: Online Grocery Shopping Habits

Online Grocery Shopping Research

It’s been an interesting past few months for us at Fish being in the online grocery business in the middle of Pandemic. During this time, our main focus was keeping our staff and partners healthy and happy and delivering the best pickup ordering experience so you can save time, money, and frustration. Being in the middle of things, we wanted to have a few questions answered about how the pandemic has changed the way our users shop — so we decided to dig in! 

Our research exposed interesting facts about customer grocery shopping habits and how they evolved since the start of the pandemic. Take a look and comment below to let us know how you compare.

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    The shift to online grocery shopping has accelerated since the start of pandemic

    • 68% of people have ordered groceries online since March 2020
    • 44% of them have placed pickup order
    • 75% of people expect to continue shopping groceries online after the pandemic
    • 208% YoY growth was seen in the number of orders placed online and picked up in-store (BOPIS)
    • 50% of people said they would shop at a store only if it provided in-store pickup
    • 79% of people said contactless pickup is important to them
    • People have been buying more of rice, flour, pasta, noodles, milk, diary, eggs and cooking oil
    • People have been buying less of processed frozen foods, and alcoholic beverages
    • 67% of US consumers want to continue cooking at home after the pandemic ends. They feel it helps them save money, feel good, and eat healthier
    • 43% of US consumers said that they’re willing to spend more on convenience in the future
    • 39% of US consumers said that they’re more likely to buy from local brands post-pandemic and also from those that responded well in the crisis.

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