12+ Omelette Recipes | How to make perfect keto-friendly Omelette?

Omelette Recipe

Omelettes are the perfect continental breakfast meal. But truth be told- we enjoy eating it only when we visit B&Bs or iHop. Otherwise, we’d rather stick to our usual Idlis and Parathas. I was very much borderline Omelette-averse until very recently. It was only since my diet that I force-fed myself the most nutritious eggetarian meal. But thanks to my favorite sources, I fell in love with them. Omelette making is truly an art. You can get rid of that eggy smell easily, and can even turn it into something you cannot not live without!

Keto Pointers

  • If you’re a vegetarian/eggetarian or not, this can be your go-to breakfast/lunch recipe.
  • Whole eggs are highly rich in fat and protein. The healthy fats and proteins are mostly concentrated in the egg yolk – ergo never throw them away!
  • Here’s a tip that can help a lot of you folks that are months into the diet. If you’re stalling – pick a day to get on egg fast (that is eating only egg based recipes all day). This will help you get out of your plateau and back on to weight loss path.
  • Keto Omelettes – meaning omelettes rich in Butter, Cheese and goodness of egg yolk can be best had for breakfast. 2 Omelettes will give you satiety. You will not feel hungry for 4-5 hours atleast.
  • Something you may not have tried – If making plain Omelettes, you can have it with Sambhar. It’ll simply taste like Uthappam and Sambar – NOT kidding!


My Recipe Corner

Here’s my loaded Keto Omelette Recipe ~

  1. Finely chop 1/4 medium sized Onions, Spinach, Cauliflower, half a handful Mint leaves, 1/2 of big sized Jalapeno peppers (or 1 green chili), and 3-4 pods of minced garlic
  2. Heat up a pan, add a big cube of Butter. After allowing it to melt, fry the above ingredients. Add pepper, herbs (of your choice), turmeric powder (small pinch) and salt as needed and transfer the content to a bowl
  3. Now break your eggs (2 large brown if available), beat them and mix with the cooked veggies
  4. Make sure that your omelette mix is not lumpy.
  5. In a heated pan add a tsp of butter and coat it throughout the surface of the pan, now evenly pour the Omelette mix to a round shape. Add shredded cheese (mozzarella cheese preferred as it has high protein+fat content and is low on carbs) on top and cover the pan with a lid
  6. Once cooked, serve the thin and delicious Keto Cheese Omelette with tomato sauce (some of it not too much! :)). Oh and you can also top this omelette with chopped cubes of fresh Avocado!

Alternate Add-ons or recipes

  1. Chop your veggies and add them directly to beaten eggs without frying them. In this case add chopped tomatoes also
  2. If you can buy Cherry tomatoes, cut them in half, saute in olive oil (add pepper and salt) and you can add spinach/ any green leafy veggie of your choice, and capsicum (bell peppers) with it and saute. Make a plain Omelette, add herbs of your choice, salt, garlic powder and pepper. Finally, while serving add your cooked veggies to the omelette and top it with cheese of your choice

My Top Recipe Recommendations

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  5. Spanish Omelette Recipe – <note – this can be had during only cheat days>
  6. Baked Denver Omelette Recipe – <Also only for cheat days>
  7. Mediterranean Omelette Recipe
  8. Asparagus, Cherry tomato and feta cheese frittata
  9. Mushroom Scallion Frittata with Parmesan cheese
  10. Pesto + Roasted Tomato Omelette Recipe
  11. Classic Cheese Omelette Recipe

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