3 Mor Kuzhambu Recipes | Mor Kulambu | Mor Kolambu Recipe

Mor Kuzhambu/Mor Kolambu, Mor Kulambu Recipe

Is it a religious festival and you’re worrying which quick recipe is more delicious? Or is it just a Friday or a Sunday and want a good hot meal to please your stomach?

This delicious and flavorful South Indian gravy recipe will satisfy your taste buds on any day, for any mood, and is a comfort food for many Tambrahms!

This gravy is popular for its sour and spicy flavor dominated largely by sour yogurt, green chilies and coconut oil. It’s popular to find fried okra/ladies finger as the taste maker of this recipe. Other vegetables that go well with this gravy are white pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, kovakkai/dondakka, drumstick, sepan kizhangu (colocasia), chow-chow etc.

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My Top Three Recipe Recommendations

My Improv & Notes

I improvised over the best mor Kuzhambu recipe out there, i.e, Hebbar’s. Here are my improvs over the recipe

  • I prefer to use sour yogurt to make my job easy. If the yogurt isn’t sour enough, squeeze in a tsp of lemon juice
  • Ever since childhood, I’ve favored white pumpkin in my mor kuzhambu. The juicy vegetable takes in all the essence of the gravy and amplifies the taste when consumed with white rice. Oh.. and fried okra also does it’s job in it’s own way!
  • Do you want the “hotel touch” in your kuzhambu?.. then temper with Coconut Oil
  • Another variation of this recipe uses “Sundakkai” as the thaan! Fry sundakkai in gingely oil and add it to the gravy

Best Mor Kuzhambu in Bay Area

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