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New life, new responsibilities. In the middle of the pandemic, new moms rely on Fish to simplify their lives and focus on their new startup

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It’s 8:30 pm on Friday and Tina is digging through the baby cabinet looking for diaper rash cream. A software engineer at a Hi-Tech company in Silicon Valley and a new mom, Tina has been living life one day at a time, troubleshooting issues at work while getting adjusted to a whole new life at home in the middle of Pandemic.

Sitting on her living room sofa tired after she puts her newborn to sleep, Tina opens the Fish app to order a Pizza and Coke from a newly opened Pizza place near her home. She switches channels on Fish and texts her local retail store to see if they have toilet papers in stock. She picks up her food and bathroom supplies within minutes of ordering through Fish. Back on her couch, Netflix on, it’s time for her to unwind. 

“I love my new life and, thank god I love my job,” Tina says. “But my schedule is all-consuming and any added chore feels like a burden. Online (grocery and food) shopping has added more comfort in recent times – but the last thing I want to do is audit the bag to see what items are missing in the delivery; which is why I love Fish. All my favorite stores and their associates are a chat away on Fish. First of all, store inventory is up to date on the platform, and rarely when items are out of stock, the store staff contact me via Fish DM to check if I’m okay with substitutions. I like to not stress myself over these things – especially if I need something urgently for my little one, I like to know in advance if it will or will not be fulfilled.”

“I like my personal calendar to be in my control. I hate to be waiting around at my home expecting delivery “any time now” when I need to be outside running other errands. I like that with Fish I can schedule a pick-up at my convenience and let the store know if I’m running late.”

Tina starts her weekend late after a long tiring night; her husband gets ready to take over daddy duties, this gives her time to do her laundry, clean the bathrooms, and fill in her best friend on how the week went.

At the close of a productive day, Tina Fishes drinks for two, salad and pasta from her favorite restaurant, and for her sweet tooth hubby, she orders a customized dessert from his favorite home baker on Fish.

Tina’s not ready to give up the flexibility in shopping as it was pre-pandemic and loves Fish because it fits her needs. She enjoys being able to order from multiple stores at once, picking the order when she’s free, and expressing to the business what she feels. She also likes that Fish takes her feedback seriously and has got her back.

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