5 Methi Malai Paneer Recipes | Malai Paneer Gravy Dhaba Style & More!

Methi Matar Malai Recipe

Having people over at home? Hosting a party? Or just feel like loading up on sugar, spice and everything nice? 😉 North Indian Cuisine offers innumerable choices of gravy varieties to pick from and all of them enriched by their own unique combination of spices. Methi Matar Malai is one of the crown jewels of North Indian Vegetarian Gravies.

The rich creamy Indian gravy made from fresh Fenugreek Leaves, creamy malai and succulent fresh homemade paneer together with an array of spices tops the chart of favourites in most Indian restaurants.

The prep time on this dish is nearly 15-25 minutes with a total cook time of 45minutes. This is one of the few paneer dishes that tastes delicious with minimum efforts!

PS: Paneer Tikka Masala pairs great with Tandoori Rotis, Missi Roti, Naan (plain/garlic/butter), Pulkas, plain Parathas, Kulcha, Pulao or plain Biryani Rice

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Please note that there is no one fixed “right method” to prepare this recipe. You will find that all the recipes out there are widely different and unique from each other in ingredients and proportions. Please take a look at the “My Improves & Notes” section for some useful tips on preparing the perfect recipe!

My Improv & Notes

Given that each of the above recipes are widely unique. Here are my improvs/notes on how to prepare the perfect recipe:

  • As you might have read in many blogs already- try using sweet, ripe tomatoes (if not, add in 1/2 tsp tomato ketchup for sweetness), and Paneer prepared at home. If you purchased Paneer from a store, soak it in a bowl filled with hot water and add in a pinch of turmeric- it’ll soften the texture of Paneer
  • Combination of Cashew and Almonds would make this recipe creamier and thicker. Soak 7-8 cashews and 4-5 almonds in warm water for 15 minutes-ish before blending them.
  • Some people suggest onion:tomato in equal proportion as opposed to the traditional 1:2 ratio. It purely depends on how tangy/sweet you’d like your recipe to be. I prefer using tomato pulp in this recipe, however you can also use finely chopped fresh juicy tomato instead
  • With the title it’s a given that Methi should dominate the taste of this recipe. I strongly recommend using fresh Methi leaves in place of Kasoori methi purely because the end result will be vastly different – I’ve tried both methods
    • Soak Methi leaves in water for 15 minutes before using it in the gravy to reduce the sour taste. Add a pinch of salt and fry, then keep aside. Add Methi leaves once the gravy masala is ready, let it cook for 3-4 minutes
    • If using Kasuri Methi instead, heat up a pan, add ghee and saute the dry leaves before adding it to the gravy
  • Add whole milk in place of water when the gravy thickens
  • Garnish with fresh cream and / or grated paneer for the perfect taste. Organic cultured sour cream is a good substitute for Malai
  • Adding green peas or matar to this gravy would make it Methi Malai Matar Paneer!
  • Add soft paneer towards the end. Don’t overcook the Paneer as they turn rubbery and stretchy. You don’t wanna chew hard and not enjoy the taste of fresh soft paneer

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