6 Easy Meals & Menu Ideas for Large Family Gatherings or a Dinner Party

Meal Ideas For Family Gathering Or Dinner

When it comes to cooking for guests, it can understandably be difficult to work out the best, easy meals for large family gatherings that will keep everyone satisfied. And, while you could slave away for hours to make an individual dish to each guest’s tastes, why should you have to? Hosting a dinner part of a large family gathering should be fun if you ask us. That’s why, today, we’ve come up with some key, easy-to-bake dinner recipes and menu ideas for an easy dinner party – because group dinners don’t have to be a source of stress.

Cater for everyone with our selection of the best 6 easy meals and menu ideas for large family gatherings.


Before we look at our top six menu ideas for group dinners, we first need to outline a couple of key tips to take a little stress off. Indeed, hosting a dinner party can be easy with a little preparation and a carefully thought-out dinner plan.

So, why not give the following three tips a try to take a load off your plate while coming up with big group dinner ideas? They might be a difference between you having an enjoyable experience and a stressful one, after all.

  1. Always focus on dinner ideas that will please everyone. As such, when coming up with ideas for group dinners, it may be best to leave the complicated meals behind. They might be more impressive, but if you’re stressed, there’s more chance that things will go wrong. In many cases, sticking to easy dinner means for the whole family or friendship group will give better results overall. So, why struggle?
  2. Before the event, we highly recommend you ask your guests for any dietary requirements or preferences. Indeed, planning ahead is crucial for dinner party success. This will help you cater to the menu based on each guest’s needs in advance, without worrying or panicking at the last minute.
  3. Fresh ingredients are always best for dinner parties and family meals. But, if you’re feeling pushed for time, the thought of a last-minute run to the shop can be daunting. Fortunately, with apps such as Fish, you can check ingredient availability and place an order for collection in advance. So, all you need to do is stop by the shop on your way home. It’s a breeze and will help take some pressure off.
Coming up with a unique and simple menu for an easy dinner party doesn't need to be difficult. Luckily, our easy to bake dinner recipes might be just the solution.


#1 BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Chicken – it’s one of those ingredients that’s often a staple for dinner parties and large family gatherings alike. And for good reason – indeed, chicken is so versatile. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth adding a simple and easy chicken dinner meal to your dinner party menu – and we’re confident that these barbecue chicken stuffed sweet potatoes would go down a charm.

Indeed, blending the sweetness and subtle smokiness of BBQ sauce with delicious, soft-baked sweet potatoes, this dish is versatile and will please the whole family. Plus, it only needs three ingredients and can be whipped up in seconds. Hence, it’s an excellent choice of easy-to-bake dinner recipes for any large family gathering.

#2 Melt in the Middle Fishcakes

If you’ve been looking for a delicious recipe idea to add to your dinner party menu, you’re sure to impress with these delicious and comforting melt-in-the-middle fishcakes. Worcestershire sauce and mozzarella cheese give them a richness that’s unparalleled. And, best of all, they’re incredibly cost-effective to make as a bonus.

#3 Chicken and Bacon Gnocchi Bake

It’s a delicious, warming, and hearty meal that will surely satisfy any guest. And, best of all, this chicken, bacon, and gnocchi bake only take twenty minutes to prepare – making it an excellent menu option for an easy and stress-free dinner party tonight.

For a little extra variety, serve the bake with some fresh, leafy salad or crusty, fresh-sliced baguette to add a touch of luxury (without any extra hassle).

#4 Sausage and Leek Mash Pie

Another great option, as recommended by BBC Good Food, Sausage and Leek Mash Pie is a delicious dish that’s indulgent, warming, and almost impossible to turn down! It’s also the quickest option on today’s list to prepare – making it one of the best, easy meals to bake for a crowd at large family gatherings or your next dinner party. Better yet, it can even be frozen to serve up again at a later date after the event, so you’ll be prepared for a busy mid-week meal too.

#5 Spiced Crusted Salmon

Love spice? If so, then this irresistible, crusted salmon recipe might be just the option you need. And, best of all, it’s a lot easier than it might seem; so, you can serve up a mouthwatering dish that looks like it’s come directly from a five-star restaurant (but which only needs 25 minutes to prepare).

#6 Plant-Based Lasagne Recipes

Catering for vegetarians as part of your next family gathering or dinner party? No worries; this plant-based, easy-to-bake lasagne dinner recipe will still surely get plenty of attention.

Substituting beef mince for broccoli florets and leaf spinach, it offers excellent flavor and a delicious, creamy finish that’s so good, you likely won’t recognize it’s missing the meat! A side of garlic bread is, of course, the obvious choice here. To take things a step further, you could also switch out the Pecorino Romano cheese and mozzarella for the best vegan cheese alternatives you can find.

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