5 Masala Dosa Recipes | Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe | Mumbai Street Food Style

Masala Dosa Recipe

Mouth Watering much? Made litres of Idly Dosa Batter over the weekend? I did too! It’s gonna be Masala Dosa night here. You should try it too!

“Dosa” the recipe that is well known to be indigenous to South India, is experimented across the country and now they say there are over 100 variations of this veggie delight. Although still unsure of the State of origin of this recipe, more often than not, the immensely popular Masala Dosa is tied to Mysore. What’s funny though is, no matter how many variations of Dosa are discovered, I always chose to order “Masala Dosa” in restaurants irrespective of the time of the day. That’s our little love story!

Oh and Masala Dosa comes in variations too (celebrations in the stomach!) of which Mysore Masala Dosa gets the people’s choice award! Some Street vendors have experimented with this delicacy to give it the Indian street touch- and they call it Mumbai Street Food- Mysore Masala. This post dives into all the three variations of our traditional Masala Dosa.

PS: This recipe pairs well with Chutneys such as coconut chutney, onion tomato chutney, Mint/pudina chutney, peanut chutney, ginger chutney and Sambar

My Top Recipe Recommendations

Tamil Nadu- Home/Restaurant Style Recipe

  • Padhu’s Kitchen Masala Dosa
    • Pickometer Score 4.35/5.0 traditional Tamil Nadu style Masala Dosa recipe. The potato filling looks and tastes like in the restaurants

Mysore Masala Dosa Recipes

  • Divya Easy Kitchen’s Mysore Masala Dosa with Restaurant style Coconut Chutney
    • Pickometer Score 4.75/5.0 you might want to Bookmark this recipe after watching! This is a step by step guide to making the perfect Mysore Masala Dosa. Video INCLUDES preparing Dosa Batter and chutney to go with the recipe
  • Rak’s Kitchen’s Mysore Masala Dosa
    • Pickometer Score 4.65/5.0 Benne Dosathe recipe looks and tastes LEGIT. Her Masala is the right color as needed for the recipe. Note her proportion of Red Chilies to Channa Dal is skewed to the spicier end. You can dial down red chilies (to 4) if you prefer mild spicy. She’s added in carrots in her Masala (certainly optional). Incase your Masala turns out very spicy, carrots can help absorb some of it!
  • Hebbar’s Kitchen’s Mysore Masala Dosa
    • Pickometer Score 4.65/5.0 have you stopped by and had breakfast at hotels in Bangalore? (Not the new ones!) This recipe takes you to Bangalore, India for a few minutes wherever you maybe. Enough said. Following her instructions by book will give you your perfect recipe

Mumbai Street Food Style Recipe

  • Mumbai Street Food – Mysore Masala Dosa
    • Pickometer Score 4.5/5.0 I tried hard to look away, but couldn’t. Sometimes you feel like eating a certain dish just by looking at the poster. This one scores points for preparation and presentation. Very descriptive blog. Check out the veggie mix she has added to her street style prep- yes shredded Beetroot, you must wonder what that must taste like! A Must Try.

My Improv & Notes

Some very generic and useful pointers for Masala and Dosa prep:

Is your dosa turning soft and not crisp and brown as in the Restaurants?

  • All the Dosa Batter Recipes read the same (3:1 ratio of Idly rice:Urad Dal, 1 tbsp Methi Seeds, salt and Baking soda (if needed)). Try adding in a pinch of sugar for the rich color of Masala Dosa
  • Make sure the pan is Heated and Clean. Spread the Dosa evenly to a round shape and close the lid and let it be until you see the corners darken. Do NOT try to flip it mid way!
  • Adding Butter/Benne boosts the taste and helps get the brown color

And for Masala..

  • I’ve noticed some recipes leave potatoes in shape. That doesn’t work! Make sure you mash the Potato filling completely before spreading on the Dosa
  • Onions should be finely chopped for better taste

Restaurants Serving yummy Masala Dosa in Bay Area

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