Marketing for Restaurants: Effective Digital Strategies That Work

marketing for restaurants

Have you been looking to optimize your restaurant’s strategy for digital marketing? Restaurant advertisements alone often aren’t enough to ensure success for your restaurant these days, and as such, social media marketing and strategic digital marketing options are rapidly becoming more important.

Fortunately, if this is something you have been wondering for your own café or restaurant, we’re on hand to help. We’ll help you find out more about the best strategy for your restaurant to implement when it comes to digital marketing and help you make the best choices for improving your restaurant’s reach overall.


Why is it so important for your restaurant to have effective strategies in place for digital marketing? In all too many instances, this is something that many restaurant owners fall down on. Indeed, there’s often a presumption that customers will find your restaurant without advertisements; however, word of mouth alone may not be enough these days.

When customers are looking for a new restaurant, they’ll often turn to the Internet to help them find a great choice. This is why having a great restaurant digital marketing strategy is so crucial for your restaurant’s promotion. Indeed, even if you already have effective restaurant marketing strategies in place outside of the search engines, these can only take your restaurant so far. For the best results, it is vital you look at effective digital marketing methods for restaurants, too.

What is a Restaurant Digital Marketing Strategy?

At this point, you may be wondering: what is digital marketing, and why does my restaurant need a digital marketing strategy for advertisements? This is, luckily, a relatively simple question to answer.

Digital marketing refers to your website’s position in the search engine rankings. If a customer searches for the “best restaurants near me,” the search engines will compile a selection of the most relevant web pages based on that search. With this in mind, if your restaurant can tailor its content to ensure that it is showing in the top search results for searches of this nature, you’ll potentially see higher footfall as a result. This can lead to better profitability overall.

Of course, there are several ways to increase footfall in your restaurant. Nevertheless, picking the best strategies can help you to ensure that your restaurant advertisements are reaching their target customers and drawing new customers to your premises.

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So, we’ve clarified that a reliable restaurant digital marketing strategy is critical. But how can you promote your restaurant’s online presence and digital marketing? There are several options here, and we’ve summarized a few key tips as follows.

#1 Is Your Website Effective?

One of the most common mistakes restaurant owners make with digital marketing strategies is not spending time on their website design. Website design might not seem all that important. However, it could actually have a significant role in whether or not your customers can find your restaurant. As such, it’s well worth considering.

#2 Prioritize Local Customers

 A common mistake that many restaurants make when attempting to do digital marketing is to target too many customers. Of course, this is tempting, no matter the type of business you have. However, since the vast majority of restaurant footfall will come from local customers (or customers within around an hour’s travel radius), local digital marketing will usually be more effective.

To this end, your restaurant should ideally focus on keywords relating to your area. Moreover, you should always make sure that your restaurant is available through Google my Business. Indeed, this is a key method for customers to find restaurants.

#3 Social Media Marketing is Key for Restaurants

Social media marketing for restaurants is massive. Indeed, engaging with your customers through social media offers many opportunities for your restaurant to display its meals and dishes and attract new customers. What’s more, having an active social media presence also gives your customers the option to share your content and posts with their friends. This, in turn, can increase your restaurant’s exposure greatly. Indeed, Word Stream explains the value of content such as foodie photos. Hence, this could be well worth considering.

Social media marketing doesn’t need to be expensive. You could pay out for social media adverts; alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with just having an active social media presence (which is free). As such, if you have been looking for a simple, affordable, and easy option to integrate strategic digital marketing for your restaurant, social media might offer a solution.

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#4 Should You Hire a Professional SEO Team?

Have you ever wondered whether a professional SEO and digital marketing team might be able to help your restaurant’s strategy? Maybe you’re finding it hard to come up with effective digital marketing solutions. If so, then hiring a professional team may be a good investment to make. As such, this is well worth considering if your digital marketing efforts have, thus far, been unsuccessful.

#5 Make Sure Your Customers Can Reach You!

As a final tip, it’s so crucial that your customers can reach out to your restaurant. Tools such as the Fish app enable this effortlessly. These help your customers directly engage with your restaurant if they need any support or have questions.

Alternatively, you should always make sure there are plenty of other methods for getting in touch with your restaurant if needed; for example, you should ensure that there are readily available contact details on your website. Moreover, you should prioritize quick responses to queries on social media and the like to encourage more customers to dine with your restaurant.

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