5 Kashmiri Pulao Recipes | Restaurant Style Kashmiri Biryani Recipe

Kashmiri Pulao Recipe

Best Occasion to Prepare this Recipe

A fan of fruits and nuts? How about fruits and nuts to go with Butter, Spices and Rice? Honestly, fruits and nuts DO pair well with some recipes other than your favorite chocolate Bar!

As a kid my monthly visits to “North Indian Restaurants” in India was not just associated with quality family get-together time, but also feasting on my standard list of favorite dishes. Ranking from top, Pulao was my number one (Well.. only after Naan and Paneer Gravy :P). And.. this popular variation of Veggie Pulao has always gained more controversial votes than the others. Why? Pomegranate, Pineapple and Apple with rice sounds absurd to many. To be fair, I was a Naysayer as well…UNTIL the first time I had it in Saravana Bhavan, Chennai. Yay or Nay? Try it and let me know!

If you hear of Navratan Pulao and get tempted to try it… it is nothing but Kashmiri Pulao. What I love about this Pulao is the garnishing with mixed nuts (roasted in Ghee) Almonds, Raisins, Cashews, Pistachios and Walnuts. Oh and also, it’s practically the easiest to cook and best tasting pulao recipes out there!

PS: This recipe pairs best with onion tomato raita and Lauki Yakhni (fried bottle guard slices in yogurt sauce).

My Top Three Recipe Recommendations

I’m very picky of Kashmiri Pulao’s recipes ’cause a lot of people experiment much on this one and – in a not so nice way. And so- I’ve hand picked a few of my favorites, do take a look!

You can skip past Kashmiri Biryani Recipe Recommendations if not a fan
Kashmiri Pulao (without Veggies)

  • Rak’s Kitchen’s Kashmiri Pulao
    • Pickometer Score 4.7/5.0 Easily one of the fan favorites! Her effortless rendition of this rich and unique recipe is well seen in the taste. If you have some fruits and nuts at home, click this recipe without looking any further. Won’t take you long before you get to relish it!

Navratan Pulao (with Veggies)

  • Rajshri Food’s Navratan Pulao
    • Pickometer Score 4.75/5.0 Tastes as great as it looks (actually even better)!.. You will want to watch this recipe twice, probably even want to Bookmark it. Why? She’s used the RIGHT ingredients in right amounts, perfect procedure and texture.
  • Nisha Madhulika’s Navratan Pulao
    • Pickometer Score 4.5/5.0 Mumma’s favorite Recipe. Period. Adding in fried Paneer will definitely boost the taste. Add in a few recommended fruits, and skip adding Jeera to the recipe and it’ll be just perfect!

Kashmiri Biryani

  • Hebbar’s Kitchen’s Kashmiri Pulao
    • Pickometer Score 4.30/5.0 I have dropped the rating on this one cause it’s a lot more like Biryani than Pulao. I would skip adding red Chili powder and fennel powder to start with. Rest of the recipe is fine.. This is added to the list ’cause I know some folks prefer this recipe over the rest. Take a look 🙂
  • Dishcovery’s Kashmiri Biryani
    • Pickometer Score 4.50/5.0 A classic Kashmiri Biryani Recipe. The Red Chili Powder, Fennel powder, Ginger powder and Garam Masala make all the difference and of couse Dahi goes without saying!

My Improvs & Notes

  • Things to skip adding to this recipe: Jeera (or its powdered form), Red Chili Powder, Tomato (never!), or Ginger Garlic paste (not necessary). Why skip these? Other spices will compensate for the taste. This recipe is meant to be sweet and all the flavor just come in from sweetness of essential spices, Ghee, Basmati Rice, Fruits and nuts
  • That said- try to use high quality Basmati Rice for preparation as it’s a huge taste maker
  • Try to chop the veggies (carrots, beans, cauli, potatoes) in tiny pieces. I’m a sucker for good presentation and yes – chopped veggies look better when you serve. Don’t leave out green peas from your recipe!
  • Some things you can add to the dish- (mildly tawa roasted) Paneer and glazed cherries, grapes do some justice also! And also.. if you get green apples in your supermarket, this is where you use it!
  • Add in less saffron with Milk to retain color and taste of the rice
  • Ghee/Butter make the difference. I recommend using Ghee throughout for frying
  • As much as possible cook everything in one pot before serving in plates, you wont have to mix them all together and in the process break basmati rice

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