Include This Channel In Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy To Increase Sales

how to increase sales in retail using business messengers

“Multichannel Marketing” is no longer the buzzword it used to be, and has evolved into a necessity for every online business. Multichannel marketing’s importance grew for the simple reason that businesses must be where their customers are. And these days, they are everywhere. If you need the real reason: multichannel customers spend about four times more than single-channel customers do (Ka-Ching!). The sales multiples are higher because the multichannel marketing strategy provides a seamless transition between channels (websites, search engines, email, social media, promotional events, storefronts, and direct mail, etc.) and devices (mobile, laptop, and tablet) while ensuring consistent messaging across the brand’s overall presence. At its core, this approach enables businesses to reach and impress their customers on the customer’s channel of choice. That being said, at this very minute, if a potential customer comes across your business and likes it, it will likely be shared with family and friends over Direct/Instant Message.

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Instant messaging has been a ubiquitous part of our daily life since smartphones. Approximately 42 million messages are sent every minute from messaging apps. The top two apps alone are being used by ~3 billion people across the world. It is undisputed that “IMing” dominates as the top digital activity that people engage in.

Naturally, the rapid proliferation of direct messaging over the past decade hasn’t just transformed the way individuals communicate — it has also significantly impacted how customers communicate with businesses. Per a recent study from Juniper Research,  mobile business messaging traffic has surpassed 2.7 trillion with a significant YoY increase, and 9/10 customers want to interact with businesses through messaging. According to Harvard Business Review, your customers still want to talk to a human being.

Consumers LOVE live one-on-one chat with a non-bot agent – translates to Increased Sales.

How Business Messengers Can Help Increase Retail, Grocery, and Restaurant Sales

1. Business Messengers Can Help Build Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Good customer service can be measured by customer engagement and loyalty. With every successful customer engagement comes increased customer loyalty, and that in effect leads to repeat business and increased sales. Business messengers come into the picture here because customers tend to buy more from companies they can easily communicate with. Below facts demonstrate the bottom-line:

  • 80% of customers are more loyal to companies they can easily contact. Customers tend to trust businesses more when they have a messaging option available
  • 65% of Americans admit that chat services get their attention over email/app alerts
  • 73% of customers reveal that transparency in service is more important to them than price.
  • 68% of customers say the service agent directly impacts a service experience.
  • Primary reason customers switch brands is because they feel unappreciated
  • 64% of the businesses with CEOs who are customer focussed believe they are more profitable than their competitors
2. Business Messengers Can Help Create Lasting Impressions With Customer Service

Business Messengers serve as a great platform for agents to directly respond to customer’s issues, requests and queries. Customers are always looking for means to contact a business for information on products and services. They want to be assured that they are purchasing the right product or service and that they understand what is being offered. Providing these answers with real-time chat, with a real person on the other end can greatly improve a customer’s comfort level, lower buying anxiety, and lead to the completion of the sale. A happy customer is the easiest target for upselling.

3. Business Messengers Can Help With Getting To Know Customers Better

Getting to know a customer’s motivation for buying, as well as their expectations, grants a unique opportunity to quickly adapt to changing trends or customer buying habits. Business Messenger platforms offer this golden chance for businesses to learn about their customers without having to spend on a third-party service to achieve that.

4. Business Messengers Can Help With Marketing

Business Messengers can also double down as a marketing channel where customers can be informed about new products and services, ongoing discounts, upcoming offers, and generally, keep them up-to-date about the business.

SMBs tend to have modest marketing strategies and struggle to stand out against their larger competitors. For their size of budget, instead of overwhelming their customers with marketing emails or flyers, using a business messenger would be the way to go. It would allow the businesses to share all their exciting new developments in one channel where customers can engage when they want to. It’s effective as it is direct, and non-invasive if used right.

5. Business Messengers Serve As A Modern Solution Fit For The Digital Age

Choices.. choices… and more choices. These days, when customers are looking to buy electronics, groceries, or food, they are never short of options of where to buy. And subconsciously, their more frequently visited store is where they liked the goods better or service experience stood out. And in the modern age, customers never leave the comfort of their couch to shop; the goods and services come to them. According to Message Media, 87% of Brits open up messages when received. In this context, post-sale support through chat would make all the difference.

6. Business Messengers Are Simply Convenient, Easy to Use, and Time-Saving

Every day there is a new app/software released to help the Businesses and more time is spent customizing, configuring, and learning these tools than effectively using them. With business messengers, this barrier to entry is low since the software is intuitive and easy to use. This means far less time spent managing multiple systems, training employees to learn all their quirks. The ease of use of messengers makes businesses use them more often, and increased use brings them closer to their customers. With messenger comes in-built chat history, which helps saving time by re-using messages already sent to previous customers.

At this point, if you’re thinking – “Yes – Business Messengers are GREAT and I’m team BMs all the way, but will it fit my budget?”

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