Gulab Jamun Recipe | Bread Jamun Recipe | Dry Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun Recipe


My hugs, kisses, love, admiration and respect to each and every one of you that makes me beam with pride with your achievements and accomplishments.

Cheers to a new era of mutual respect and gender neutrality. After all, greatness is greatness irrespective of who takes it to the next level.

….and so… starting the day relishing some subtle sweetness 😉

Best Occasion to Prepare this Recipe

*This is a special edition release and so not very detailed*

I’m born in a family of feminists and foodaholics.. which should explain my high energy levels today at this time of the day.

There are some dishes on which you wait (for the occasion). Some dishes wait on you. Then there are the rest that you won’t check your watch for.. ’cause honestly- even if you’re exhausted, there’s no way you can ruin the dish even if you’re sleep-cooking.. and end of the day you can take some pics and show them off!

..My dear Jamuns NEVER ditch on me!… Just like the women in my life never let me down. And hence this treat for this day.. <3

For the sake of your comfort, laziness and/or exhaustion – I’ve thrown in 4 unique recipes all of which are easy to make and yummy to taste!

PS: Have a Happy Jamun day to you all! Continue to make me proud.

My Top Recipe Recommendations 

  1. Traditional Gulab Jamun Recipe  – perfect jamuns like your mom makes them!
  2. Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe
  3. Easy Gulab Jamun with Khoya or Mawa
  4. Dry Gulab Jamun RecipeLemon juice is added in Sugar syrup to prevent crystallization of Sugar

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