Easy & Super Soft Yeast Dinner Rolls Recipes For Your Family Tonight

Easy Dinner Rolls Recipes

When it comes to making the best easy yeast dinner rolls for your family tonight, it’s crucial that you’ve got a few great recipes to follow. Luckily, we’ve come up with some suggestions for the best easy dinner rolls recipes you could try, as well as some pointers on the best fillings to use with your easy homemade rolls. Hopefully, this will help you choose an effective solution for your own needs; so, why leave things to chance?


Why make your own homemade dinner rolls tonight? Well, there are numerous great reasons why you might want to make your own dinner rolls – but the most obvious has to be for their ease. Indeed, making dinner rolls from scratch can seem like a massive task if you’ve never tried it before; however, for many people, it’s a lot easier than it seems.

In fact, dinner rolls are deceptively simple to make, using just a handful of ingredients and only taking around 20 to 30 minutes of prep time overall. So, what’s not to love – they could definitely be an option to consider for your dining needs overall.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about making the best dinner rolls recipes as follows. Plus, we’ve also come up with a few suggestions for how to fill your dinner rolls to help ensure everyone’s satisfied this mealtime.

Key Tips to Consider When Making Yeast Dinner Rolls

So, you’re looking to make yeast dinner rolls for the first time. Making dinner rolls is surprisingly easy; however, you should consider the following tips to help ensure the recipe goes as planned:

  • Always use in date yeast; expired yeast will likely not give a very good finish for your dinner rolls overall.
  • Before heating the liquid ingredients up, we recommend that you check the temperature. All ingredients must stay within the 100-110 Fahrenheit range; otherwise, the yeast will be killed and your dinner rolls won’t rise.
  • Try to prep all of the ingredients that you’ll need in advance before cracking on with making your easy dinner rolls. This can take some pressure off during the prep process and is generally a great way to keep things easy and organized.
  • The rise times are crucial. In their haste to dig into delicious yeast rolls, many people try to cut out the rise time. However, this will have a significant impact on the final quality of your bread rolls (and not in a good way!)
  • If you’re looking to make vegan alternatives, you can often replace some of the ingredients with plant-based options, such as switching out milk and butter with vegan replacements. The rest of the recipe will usually remain the same.


So, we’ve clarified at this point that dinner rolls can be a highly versatile solution for many mealtimes –  but how can you make your own homemade, easy yeast dinner rolls? Well, as explained by Spend with Pennies, making dinner rolls only need to take around half an hour to an hour. You’ll soon have piping hot, fresh, and delicious rolls to share around (or keep them all to yourself – we won’t judge.)

Of course, to get the most from your freshly baked dinner rolls, you want to make sure you’ve got an irresistible recipe to hand. Fortunately, the following recipe is one that we find highly valuable when it comes to making your own fresh, easy dinner rolls; best of all, topped with melted butter, they offer a richness that is simply incomparable.

The recipe makes around 12 easy and filling yeast rolls; however, it requires a full tablespoon of active dry yeast. Ideally, this is easiest to purchase as a pot of dried yeast rather than individual sachets; however, if you’ve been struggling to find a full pot of yeast in your local stores, why not reach for the Fish app instead? Fish makes it possible for customers to contact their local stores directly to check stock availability and find the ingredients they need in a fraction of the time; it might just change the way you shop.


So, you’ve made your dinner rolls, and they’re now ready to go. At this point, you’re probably wondering about how to fill your dinner rolls to get the most from them – and luckily, we’ve got some key tips and ideas about the different fillings you could include for your homemade yeast rolls as follows.

  • Meatballs (or vegetarian meatballs, as suggested by Healthy Fitness Meals, if you’re so inclined)
  • Hummus
  • Coconut chicken
  • Curry sauce and your favorite meats
  • Ham
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Salad leaves and tomatoes
  • Burgers (if you’re feeling a little hungrier)
  • Cheese
  • Your favorite choice of sauce

As an alternative to filling your freshly baked dinner rolls, you could otherwise consider serving the rolls up with some freshly heated soup. Indeed, these simple easy yeast dinner rolls are perfect to pair with soup, and this could be a great option to consider for your own serving needs as a result. Of course, it’s entirely up to you what to fill your soft dinner rolls with. So, don’t feel like you have to stick exclusively to the easy dinner rolls recipes and fillings we’ve presented today; after all, there are countless different options. Naturally, a little experimentation can go a long way to ensure your dinner rolls go down well.

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