17 Dhokla Recipes | Khaman Dhokla | Poha Dhokla and many more!

Dhokla Recipes

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Wherever you live, be it in India or outside, at some stage in your life you’re neighbors with a Gujarati. Trust me, count that as your blessing. Not only are they nice people, but man do they know to cook! Bhajiya, Dhokla, Handvo,Thepla, Khandvi – scripted recipes of getting khatta-meetha taste through to you. Thanks to my dad, we had the fortune of living in a Gujarati Neighborhood itself once and we took good advantage of it. 😉

Are you fishing for Indian snack ideas this week? Your search ends here as I’m flooding you with variations of the very Gujarati Dhokla!

Dhokla as we know it is the traditional Khaman (Besan) Dhokla. Khaman Dhokla is best made with fermented chickpea flour, but in the busy world of today, fruit salt (eno) is added for instant sour and airy texture. If it’s a Mellow Monday morning and you’re barely dragging your legs out of bed that you think breakfast is not even an option, this will only need about 15 minutes of your time & attention and is sure to liven you up! If you’re tad bit too smart, just pour the batter in a microwave-safe bowl and cook in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes!

Ever since Dhoklas earned their popularity outside of their state of birth, they’ve been  Masquerading in many new recipes. To start of with some cousins of Khaman Dhokla like, Idli Dhokla, White Dhokla, Rava Dhokla, Sandwich Dhokla, Sprouts Dhokla, etc have been tried and tested in many kitchens. Now is the time to try out some lesser known variations!

NOTE: You might have read different blogs with different recipes for preparing puffy and soft Dhoklas. Some recommend certain ingredients while the others dismiss it. It’s always a hit and miss. After multiple references, I made note of the technique that worked for me.*Scroll to read how I make soft Dhoklas in Improv & Notes section*

PS: Serve hot with Mint or Coriander Chutney or even raw Papaya Chutney!

My Top Recipe Recommendations

  1. Classic Khaman Dhokla Recipe – Pressure Cooked version
  2. Classic Khaman Dhokla Recipe – Microwaved Version
  3. Rava Dhokla –Dhoklas made from Semolina/Rava. Add yogurt or just substitute it with lemon juice and water, both work wonders!
  4. Khatta Dhokla/White Dhokla – Dhokla made of Rice and Urad Dal, mildly spiced with green chili and ginger
  5. Poha Dhokla – Your healthy hastle free delicious Kids lunch box recipe!
  6. Moong Dal ke Dhokle –  Soak the moong dal overnight and then grind it into a smooth paste in a mixie together with chopped green chillies, ginger, salt, sugar etc for best results
  7. Ragi Dhokla  – Something this healthy CAN taste that delicious
  8. Idli Dhokla – Sooji Idli Dhokla Recipe will entice you with the shape of your favorite idly & the taste of a Dhokla
  9. Sandwich DhoklaThis one is a combination of white and yellow Dhokla. Use your creativity to go multilayer. Leaving out chutney in between the layers can help with adhesion
  10. Spicy Khaman Dhokla – Have you been able to picture spicy Dhokla? It’s delicious, trust me. You can refer to this link for spicy Masala Powder and go with the 1st link for Khaman Dhokla (if you liked that better)
  11. Oats Dhokla – In this world of instant cooking and Oats madness, how could I leave this one out? All you need is Oats, rava and yogurt as key ingredients- and you can whip up spongy Dhokla cakes instantly! I like her garnish
  12. Bread Dhokla Sandwich – This recipe is NOT similar to the other Dhokla sandwich recipe. You will be making a veggie Masala Mix for stuffing inside and ofcourse there’s the use of bread. Very unique and extremely tasty snack
  13. Makki Ka Dhokla – The very Rajasthani Chatpata Makki da Dhokla is gonna need you to buy some green peas before you plan to try!
  14. Beetroot Dhokla – Try this at home and serve for your family. I bet you no one will ask what it is before they taste it. The color, garnish and appearance is bound to get them to eat it with no questions asked. 😀
  15. Kadai Dhokla– Mixed Veggies, Sooji, Eno and Pan fry. Quick-easy and tasty!
  16. Protein Rich Sprouts Dhokla –  Sprouts is the essence of it. Decorate it with ingredients of your choice!
  17. Dhokla Bhel – Have left over Dhoklas at home? Excellent! Bhel Puri and Dhoklas are street favorites. What if you can mix them both?

My Improv & Notes

  • I would recommend using the Eno fruit salt for making dhoklas, they make them spongy soft. In case you are using Eno today, go for the sachet to make sure that you are using a fresh batch of Eno – fresh fruit salt always works better
  • If you are using baking soda instead of Eno fruit salt, then try not to add any turmeric powder. Sometimes, these two ingredients may react and you’ll get red-ish dhoklas. You can use some yellow food color, but that is completely optional
  • Keep your steamer ready before you add the rising agent to the batter. Start beating fast as soon as you add the Eno/soda to the batter. Beating fast helps whip a fluffy batter, which in turn helps make fluffy Dhoklas
  • After beating batter with Eno, pour the batter instantly to the baking tin. And then it should go to the steamer right away.
  • Always steam the Dhoklas over medium heat. High heat will make the Dhoklas rise fast, and they won’t cook properly from the inside
  • You can substitute citric acid with the double amount of lemon juice. I personally find that citric acid works great
  • Want to make extremely soft Dhoklas? here’s an important tip- add the tempering 5 minutes before serving, so the Dhoklas soak the tempering and get fluffier

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