Easy-to-use device-friendly interface
Our chat-based online ordering interface is device-friendly. Our website and app-based versions seamlessly integrate mobile, desktop, and tablet-based ordering as part of our online ordering system.

  Inventory/Menu Integration
Our software captures, updates, and reflects your inventory/menu in real-time and provides an interactive and simplified buying experience for your customers.

Smart Ordering System
Our platform is embedded with smart auto-suggest features, provides personalized recommendations to the shopper, and has a 1-1 chat interface built to enhance a buyer's shopping experience and improves customer satisfaction.

Your Marketer
We aim to send new customers to your door through zone targeted advertising.

  Stripe Integration
As a cherry on the cake, our platform is integrated with the Stripe Payment platform,  saving valuable time for your pickup customers. Online Ordering is simply a cakewalk with this kicker.
Sales Management
Our innovative approach to bring your stock and cost to balance. Our smart ordering system intelligently picks up low sales periods and sends out relevant directed notifications to boost sales.

Custom Tax
We easily support taxes like VAT or Bag tax, so your order totals are always correct.
Acquire and Retain Local Customers with Ease
We offer a FREE dedicated Public Channel as part of our basic package, where you can share sale updates and promotions in real-time with all your customers.  

Loyalty Points  
Why just have fans? Why not have "Raving Fans" who are rewarded every time they make a purchase at your store? Your customers should always be rewarded - even more so if they love what they bought!

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