Customers Love BOPIS, Here’s How You Can Make Them Happy

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BOPIS, Buy Online Pickup In-Store has been around long enough to skip expanding on the acronym in the title. Many major retailers like Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Walmart quickly adapted to include in-store and curbside pickup offerings to their customers as the services got popular. According to Business Insider, by 2024, click and collect sales in the US are expected to almost double to ~$140 billion due to an increase in sales among midsized retailers, expanded adoption among online buyers, and increasing popularity of online grocery shopping services. The numbers are great and you too can take a bite in the multi-billion dollar pie. But first, for those in retail new to BOPIS, here’s why she is the popular girl in town.

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Why Customers Love BOPIS

Per Statista report, in 2021, 47 percent of US shoppers who purchased online simply wanted to avoid going into the stores, while 46 percent of them preferred in-store pickup as a time-saving alternative to home delivery. Some other popular benefits that consumers liked about BOPIS were:

  • Zero shipping or delivery charges
  • Don’t have to wait for items to ship
  • In-stock insurance
  • Quicker and fewer returns, refunds and exchanges
  • No risk of package theft
  • Can use online promo codes on the order
  • Buy exactly what they need

How Retailers Benefit From BOPIS

There’s a lot of incentive for the retailers to move to the BOPIS model as well:

  • Additional avenue for store traffic and sales
  • Decreased shipping costs and time
  • Opportunity to increase consumer’s impulse buy
  • Fewer returns
  • Greater system integration/more effective inventory management

This great omnichannel retail strategy although quite mature still has its challenges. It is vital that in the process of adjusting to a newer model, the retailers don’t fall short with the customer experience.

Moving Forward With BOPIS: How to Overcome the Click And Collect Challenges And Win Over Your Customers

Per NAPCO Research, the biggest challenges with BOPIS, trunk drop or click and collect (however you call it) originates from the retail/grocery store itself.

The more common concerns among the small and medium business owners were:

  • To have customer’s order ready in time for store-pickup
  • Inventory synchronization – between online and in-store
  • Customers not being aware of BOPIS or that the store offers those services
  • Training in-store associates/employees to manage and fulfill online orders
  • Most importantly, not knowing if their loyal customers are satisfied with their BOPIS experience
NAPCO research on BOPIS

Image source: NAPCO 

But the days of retiring the idea of transitioning to BOPIS are finally over. If you are a small and medium retailer, a grocery store owner, or a restaurant owner – these challenges will no longer have to be your barriers to entry into the BOPIS model.

Here’s what you will need to provide an outstanding BOPIS experience to your customer:

  • At least one retail store or warehouse.
  • That is all you will need to do from your end, fish can help with the rest. To start off with, fish can take the daunting and glitchy inventory sync, the worry of working on legacy tech systems, and the challenges of dealing with fraud risk off of your plate. The order fulfillment speed, customer’s BOPIS awareness and marketing of your store’s services, training and managing your store’s associates for BOPIS, impressing and retaining your customers are also on us.

    Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop but are not offering Buy Online, Pickup In-Store yet? It’s time for your busy days again.

    What challenges have you encountered in deploying your BOPIS Program?

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