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Bajji Recipes/ Pakore Recipes

Best Occasion to Prepare this Recipe

Got up? Yawned? Stretched? Head hurts? Raining outside?… No don’t sleep again! OR -is the mid-afternoon sun shining through your window?… It’s TEA Time! Make yourself some hot ginger tea! Something-to-snack-with-it can be HOT Bajjis!

Let me make this a little interesting for you, you can ask your mom for something other than Mirchi, Raw Banana/Plantain, Onion or Potato Bajjis for a change!?

God bless the good soul that discovered this recipe, cause to get to making this recipe all you need to do is think of it and make up your mind. No cumbersome planning or shopping is needed. All you need is Oil, Besan and atleast one (of the classifiable) vegetables at home. Such a modest snack that it is, it can be eaten as is or even just tomato ketchup would do justice. But thanks to new times, and creative minds, several variations of this recipe have been teasing us to try them at home. I’m going to do the honor of spoiling you with some of my tested gyan. 😀

Note: If this is your first time frying an item, please stand a few inches away from the fuming oil and SLIDE the vegetable soaked in batter along an edge of the kadai. Do NOT drop it straight in from the top- the oil is bound to spray straight at you. 

PS: Serve hot with green Chutney, Coconut Chutney or tomato onion chutney if you have time to spare. You can also have it just with tomato ketchup

My Top Recipe Recommendations

  1. Mirchi Bajji Recipe– Carom seeds + cumin seeds + garlic in the masala mix. Application of lemon+salt inside the Chili mellows the spiciness of your Chili. She has demonstrated different styles of preparing Mirchi Bajji. Great tips and amazing recipe!
    • Stuffed Mirchi Bajji Recipe – Wondered how aaloo+onion stuff mix would taste like inside a mirchi bajji? It’s as filling as it is delicious
    • Cut Mirchi Pakodi – STREET Style – Tamarind paste mixed with spices and roasted chick pea flour for binding – takes you back to what you’ve always enjoyed at the city streets of India
  2. Plantain Bajji / Vazhakkai Bajji – Yet another wildly popular variation of Bajji from South India. Addition of food color surely make the Bajjis look more inviting
  3. Onion Pakora/Onion Pakoda – This is an Interesting recipe where the author has added ginger, green chilies, curry leaves and CASHEWnuts in onion bajji batter. Try it out and let me know how you liked it!
    • Onion Bajji Some recipes keep the onion slices circle and intact and it’s enjoyable both ways. Check this out!
  4. Aaloo BajjiI’ve had Aaloo Bajji more number of times on the streets at a stall than at home – I’ve enjoyed the “making of” as much as I have enjoyed eating it. Enjoy the street style prep of this classic!
  5. Bread Pakora – Potato Bread Pakora – I would pin this recipe to the top if I could – one of my most favorite fried recipes of all times. If you love aaloo sandwich and love bread pakoda- this is the most wicked combo food can get you! This is very filling and can go as an entree – plan wisely to enjoy a laid back evening.
    • Bread Bajji/Pakora – EASY Process – For those of you who enjoy the taste of Bread Bajji in its classic form, this is a good reference. This recipe takes it’s creative handle and is certainly a less painstaking version of Bread Bajji
  6. Brinjal Bajji– This is a vastly popular recipe in Andhra. Especially if you’re a Brinjal lover, this is one to try. Stuffed Brinjal Bajjis can be made looking and tasting very similar to Mirchi Bajjis. Stuffing is made using Onions, coriander and roasted peanuts – mouth watering, no?
  7. Karela Chips/ Bitter gourd pakodaI know many of us turn away from Bitter Gourd, but you know dipping them in a batter and deep frying them makes a difference?
  8. Paneer Pakode – Some people like their Paneers soiled in spices like what’s shown here, while some prefer their batter to be spicy like in this recipe. Pick your favorite!
  9. Palak Pakore – I like my spinach pakore to taste like Spinach pakore- and hence take the leaves as is and soil them to their length with the batter – like she’s done here!
  10. Gobi Pakore – It’s the hardest to say no to Gobi Pakode – especially when they are dressed in spices and wear a crunchy cover!
  11. Corn Pakore –  What if you can take it all the way and add some crispy veggies in your snack to make a wholesome dish? Take a look at her creative touch!
  12. Chinese Pakore – All your musings are right! Carrots, cabbage, capsicum, spring onions and all the traditional chinese sauces go inside
  13. Sweet tasting Yellow Pumpkin Pakode/ Kaddu ke Pakode – I’m not letting you in on how unique this tastes. Take a look at the recipe!
  14. Vrat Special/ Fasting Special Pakores – Kuttu ke Pakode – After a long day of fast, you should feast on this. Don’t be surprised, these are loaded with Carbs (aaloo!)
  15. Lauki ke Pakore/ Bottle Gourd Fritters – For one it’s healthy (-er) and now spicy
  16. Saboodana Pakoda/Tapioca fritters – I can never say no to Saboodana Vada. This doesn’t follow the recipe of Saboodana Vada but tastes almost as good!
  17. Crispy Cabbage Pakora – Experiment this veggie delight with either of the green or purple cabbage
  18. Methi ke Pakode- Gujrati Recipe – Methi na gota is a famous Gujarati fried snack that is heavily loaded with spices and greens. You’ll find these in every shop that sells “farsan” (snacks) in Gujarat
  19. Moong Dal Fritters/ Vadas – Moong Dal vada is a famous Mumbai street snack. These fritters are mildly spicy – play around with spices if you’d like it chili hot 
  20. Pazham Pori Recipe/ Ripe banana fritters–  Popular kerala sweet, can be steam cooked. Tastes delicious on its own or can even be had with “Puttu”

My Improv & Notes

  • In a bowl mix together besan, chilli powder, 1 tsp oil, salt needed and cooking soda.
    Add water and mix it nicely for 2-3 minutes-  mixing like this will get you delicious and puffy bajjis. The batter should not be too thick nor watery. It should coat the vegetables well when dipped into it. Go with less than 3/4 cup of water for 1 cup of besan
  • Check if the oil is hot enough to fry the bajjis, add a drop of  bajji batter into the oil, if it raises to the surface immediately, then the oil temperature is right for frying the bajjis
  • You can fry 4-5 bajjis at a time depending on the amount of oil you use
  • You can add a pinch of carom seeds to the batter if you like the taste. It helps with digestion. Different recipes ask for different spices – experiment as you like!
  • One of my favorite presentation steps for a Bajji is sprinkling some Chaat Masala over it and cut onions in circles as a garnish with cut lemon on the side

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