7 Aloo Paratha Recipes | Dhaba Style Punjabi Aaloo Paratha

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Tired of breaking your fast with milk and cereal/toasted break with butter? Is the weather today inviting you to cheat on your diet plan? GO AHEAD – start with the tastiest breakfast recipe Indian Cuisine can offer – Aloo Paratha! It’s an obvious fact, no one can say NO to Aloo Paratha and no one can eat JUST ONE. ūüėČ

For the unacquainted, the Artery Clogging “Aaloo Paratha” is well known to be indigenous to North Indian Cuisine. Narrowing down further.. to Punjabi Cuisine. Contrary to the popular belief, this recipe can be easily prepared at home with just the available ingredients in your kitchen. Infact, it makes for a delicious and perfectly filling meal for lazy Sunday mornings!… How you ask?..All you need is whole wheat flour, mashed potatoes, chopped onions, red chilli powder, fresh coriander leaves, chaat masala, green chilies, cumin powder and garam masala as primary ingredients. Don’t ever leave out Butter/Ghee from your recipe- that would mean an incomplete dish in Punjabi Cuisine!

Sneak Peak at some things to note before jumping into Recipe Corner ~ just so you can decide which Recipe to pick!
  1. ¬†This recipe can be made with absolutely no effort or the traditional style. That is –¬† you can mix your filling with the dough directly and make your Paratha (or) have the filling go into the dough (the traditional way)
  2.  You can use Maida as your flour (or) go with the traditional wheat flour. They taste a LOT different.
  3. ¬†You can boil your vegetable and mix the essential ingredients and use it as your filling (or) saute onion, garlic and potato mix for the smoky taste and roll it up after –¬† Personally I prefer the cooked mixture – flavor of the spices sink in better into the Aaloo mix.
  4. And finally come the other counterparts of this wheat flour delight – “Makki Aaloo Parathe” and “Bajra Aaloo ke Parathe”
As a pointer, adding some ajwain (carom seeds) to the Paratha will boost the taste quotient and is also pretty healthy!
There are like a million variations of Paratha Recipe – Gobi, mix Veg, Gobhi Pattha (cabbage), Egg, Aaloo Cheese, Ajwain Paratha to name a few. In this blog page I’ll stick to the classic Aaloo Paratha recipe (covering the bullets included above).

PS: Aaloo Paratha is served best with Raita and Pickle! Pudina Chutney and curd also taste great with Paratha.. 

My Top Recipe Recommendations

I preferred watching, learning and innovating these recipes (hence Youtube videos). . . Hope you enjoy them!

   1. No Stuffing Inside РQuick to prepare Recipe 

  • Syanu’s Recipe
    • Pickometer Score¬†¬†4.5/5.0 non-traditional recipe making our lives so much easier! She gets the Boiled Aaloo mix prepared and adds in MAIDA as opposed to wheat flour. You must wonder how that looks and tastes – give this recipe a quick watch and try!

¬† ¬†2. Dhaba Style –¬†Aaloo Paratha Recipes with great Tips!

  • Vah Re Vah Chef’s Recipe
    • Pickometer Score¬†¬†4.5/5.0 The recipe surely runs long but watch every second of it as he has shared some really good pointers – like how to get perfect dough ready, which variation of stuffing tastes better,etc. He adds in ginger garlic essence and cooks his aaloo mix (pumped in with a lot of spices).. I would call this Dhaba Style!
  • Nisha Madhulika’s Recipe
    • Pickometer Score¬†¬†4.6/5.0¬†¬†Her Parathas are the sight to sore eyes! Undoubtedly the best recipe out there with just one recommended change. Add in oil in a pan, throw in some chopped onions and toss her potato mix. Cooked Aaloo mix enhances the taste of Aaloo Paratha any day.

¬† ¬†3.¬†Traditional Home Style Recipes that can’t go wrong!

  • Tarla Dalal’s Recipe
    • Pickometer Score¬†¬†4.4/5.0 Yes- this one is Mom Recommended. She adds in jeera to the mix, how about adding in Ajwain instead? Try and let me know!
  • Nisha’s Recipe
    • Pickometer Score¬†¬†4.4/5.0¬†¬†Foolproof – quick and easy to make recipe. Nothing out of the ordinary – it tastes just fine.

    4 . Cornflour and Bajra Variants

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