4 Healthy and Easy Kids’ Breakfast Ideas

Easy Healthy Kids Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Have you been looking to find delicious, healthy, and easy kids’ breakfast ideas? Being a parent is tough, and these days, our children are often just as busy as us – and with this in mind, finding quick breakfast ideas for your kid’s breakfast on the go may help you make excellent choices overall. Whether your child wants to start following a more natural paleo-inspired breakfast or if you simply want to make sure they’re getting their five-a-day, these excellent healthy kids’ breakfast ideas may help you find the best solutions (without any of the arguments).


There’s not a simple answer to the question of, “what are the healthiest breakfasts?” Indeed, whether you’re making a breakfast meal for kids or adults, every meal offers different benefits and drawbacks that you may want to consider.

For example, a paleo kids’ breakfast could be an excellent, healthy start, thanks to the lack of refined sugars. However, if you focus too much on high-saturated fat meats as part of this, the breakfast may be much less healthy than it seems.

With that being said, coming up with homemade, healthy kids’ breakfast ideas doesn’t need to be hard. And, if nothing else – avoiding the typical kids’ cereals can be a great way to help your child live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, as explained by the team at Nemours KidsHealth, there are plenty of delicious kids’ breakfast ideas you could try.


If you’ve been looking for easy kids’ breakfast ideas, the following could offer excellent, healthy ideas.

#1 Honey Porridge

If you’ve been looking for an easy and healthy breakfast option for kids, this honey porridge could definitely be a contender. Made extra-smooth to satisfy even the fussiest eater, the recipe is very quick and easy. Plus, serving it up with raw honey provides your child with a source of prebiotics and probiotics, too. It’s an excellent alternative to refined sugar. If you’re not sure where to source raw, unpasteurized honey, don’t panic; the Fish app can help connect you with local stores that stock the best, healthy ingredients. Meanwhile, the smooth consistency (despite using whole oats with all the goodness) keeps it nutritious. Or, if your child doesn’t mind thick porridge, feel free to use unblended whole oats.

For a fun serving suggestion, why not serve this porridge with a few slices of cleverly arranged, high-fiber apple, too? It keeps things fun for your child and makes breakfast time much less of a chore.

Porridge is one of the healthiest breakfasts for when you're late and need to get on the go, when made with high fiber oats and natural sweeteners such as honey. Try to avoid refined sugars!

#2 Banana Pancakes

We all love pancakes, but in many cases, they’re not considered a healthy option. However, that’s not to say that pancakes can’t be added to your kid’s normal daily breakfast options. In fact, a simple recipe tweak can make pancakes an excellent and healthy breakfast option for your kids, too!

Best of all, they’re an excellent easy, healthy breakfast idea as well that you can make in a matter of moments, really. These banana pancakes, in particular, offer even more nutrition. This ensures that you and your children get a handful of your five-a-day from breakfast alone. It’s great served up with a small drizzle of maple syrup or golden syrup, too, or a little low-fat whipped cream.

We’d recommend steering clear of the chocolate spread, though; no matter how much your kids love it, it’s not exactly healthy. Alternatively, serving up these pancakes with a very small amount of chocolate spread and extra sliced bananas or fruits may be a good compromise for fussy eaters.

To make banana pancakes, mash a banana into a puree. Then, mix in two beaten eggs, a little baking powder, and a small amount of vanilla extract (if you’d like). Then, simply fry the banana pancakes in a frying pan with oil, heated to medium heat, until the pancakes have evenly browned.

Most kids love pancakes - and by replacing out flour with banana (and skipping the vanilla), these could be excellent ideas for paleo kids' breakfasts. Alternatively, why not try scotch eggs for a simple delicious paleo kids' breakfast?

#3 Paleo Kids’ Breakfast: Healthy Breakfust Muffins

There aren’t necessarily studies about the paleo diet for kids. Nevertheless, it’s often recommended by doctors that children limit their intake of refined sugars. As such, a paleo kids’ breakfast could be an excellent option to help them face the day.

These healthy breakfast muffins, being both grain and dairy-free, could fit the bill. They need to be made in advance, as there are a fair few ingredients to include. Still, they’re still an excellent kids’ breakfast idea that can be stored and served up in seconds. Plus, they’re incredibly high in fiber, protein, and healthy unsaturated fats. Hence, they’re excellent sources of nutrition compared to a standard white bread muffin.

#4 Scotch Eggs

Did you know that, if your little one loves eggs, scotch eggs could offer a nutritious breakfast option? Plus, these scotch eggs are also delicious paleo kids’ breakfast ideas for on the go. So, they can be wolfed down on those mornings when your little one is late for school!

All you need to make these delicious scotch eggs are hard-boiled eggs and breakfast sausage. Simply coat the eggs in sausage and cook – they take very little time and are simply delicious. If your child isn’t so keen on eggs, then you could also make mini scotch eggs with a higher sausagemeat to egg ratio.


Choosing a balanced meal for your child, no matter their preferences is crucial. Not only does breakfast give your child energy for the school day, but it also offers an excellent opportunity to get high-quality, nourishing, and nutritious ingredients into their diet.

You don’t need to be limited just to the ideas we’ve listed above – and with this in mind, if you’ve been looking for your own quick breakfast recipes, make sure that you’ve picked recipes that will offer a good balance. Indeed, following a balanced diet that meets your child’s dietary needs is vital, and a great healthy breakfast should feature plenty of slow-release energy, high-quality unsaturated fats, a healthy source of protein, and the like to keep them feeling at the top of their game, all day.

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