Chat-based ordering platform to help you shop food, grocery and everyday items from a store near you.

Because DM-ing local businesses is the new normal

Prepare Your List. The Rest Is On Us.

We think that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for delivery, or wait for your order to arrive, or find missing items in your order. We think that if you like your fruits elsewhere, you should be able to buy them from there without abandoning carts. We think that if you have issues with your order, you should get it fixed right then and there.

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Buy Online Pickup In-Store
Take Home Everything You Need
From Multiple Stores At Once
We have attempted to make
Add Items To Your Shopping Cart

Drop items to your shopping cart while also being able to chat directly with the store using Fish's Instant Messaging Platform

Order summary is generated

After you finish addings items to your cart and hit confirm, order receipt is generated.

Schedule in-store pick up

Lastly, schedule a pick-up, then make the payment in-store using the order receipt & collect your order.

Schedule Pickup With Fish

What people are saying about Fish

Anne, P.
“I'm a working mom of two. I end up having to leave my home for running errands every now and then and can't sit waiting at home for grocery to be delivered. This is where I find pickup to be super convenient - especially with a chat capability.”
Jeff, B.
“Between family and work, I have little time left to shop. I appreciate any service that provides me convenience at a low cost. With no exorbitant fees, Fish offers the solution I need. Y'all need to try this sometime.”
Liz, M.
“Shopping at my favorite grocery store through Fish has saved me time and energy. The chat interface helps me clarify my requirements with ease – I’m always satisfied with the quality of produce that I take home. I can’t recommend this place enough. Thank you, team Fish!”
Sushma, S.
“I’m normally pro-delivery services and was resistant to try out this product. I gave it a go anyway because my go-to grocery store was on this platform. The chat experience helped me convey to the business that I loved the Okra in their store and it also helped me turn down substitutions they offered. Fish is sticky!”
Rishab, N.
"I don't enjoy ordering online because every single time I don't receive at least 3 or 4 items from the order. Being able to chat with the business helps solve this problem. Fish - where were you when I need you last year, haha!”
Rita, G.
“Got my boyfriend his favorite food from his favorite restaurant customized to his taste on his birthday. Normally this would have taken me a phone call with the restaurant and later frustration. But thanks to fish, this was painless!"

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Fish Blog on New Moms

New life, new responsibilities. In the middle of the pandemic, new moms rely on Fish to simplify their lives and focus on their new startup

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Fish Blog on New Moms

Young professionals focus on their new job, city and relationships while relying on Fish to take everyday shopping off their plates

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Looking to grab a takeout from a restaurant near you? Browse the list and place an order with your favorite eatery now.

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Shop with your favorite grocery store now and text them your choice for substitution. They love to hear from you!

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Take home everyday essentials when you need them without waiting for delivery. Chat with the store first to see if toilet papers are in stock!

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